Awareness Queen

Many women are fighting and strategically navigating through life trying to overcome this battle. Queens everywhere, struggling to find facilities to treat their conditions, while trying to maintain peace and comfort in their households. Fighting and winning over their conditions. This NFT serves as support for the women who tirelessly display strength, who continue to […]

Ballers & Crypto

Ballers & Crypto are unique NFTs being offered by Fancentric Communities. Fans will be able to collect NFTs from professional athlete’s across all sports. The initial Fire and Ice NFT collection will include athletes from the NFL and CFL.

SKINS -If the Shoe Fits

The TRUTHFUL collection fosters innovation for impact to all the women who have made impacts in professional sports, dominated by men. Utilizing the power of the blockchain paired with the emerging enthusiasm from cryptocurrency investors in the digital imagery space, NFTs have become a wildly viral method of building revenue and investor benefits surrounding a […]

Her Majesty’s Liking

Genesis NFT! Hold on to this one! The Queen protects the King. She has the ability to move however she pleases. Appoint and Dismiss simultaneously.