An OTC equity provider for Alpha Ape offers you a tremendous amount of rewards
for getting in from the ground up.
OTC deals are what are typically used for those wanting to invest in something but
do not have the knowledge or in defi the patience to do so.
Alpha Ape is now reaching out to the 98% of the world who know very little about
crypto or how to get involved in the space.
99% of crypto/defi projects always conduct some sort of private deals while in the
early stages of either starting a project or trying to raise capital for development.
Most projects don’t even speak of this nor do they ever tell you what kind of deals
have been made.

In keeping with the full transparent way of Alpha Ape that all changes today.
Alpha Ape is designing the first ever equity provider vault that not only benefits the
person investing the equity but the entire Alpha Ape community.
The benefit for those providing the equity is that they do not need to know much
about crypto since in actuality they are investing in Alpha Ape the company.
All OTC equity providers will be added to the Alpha Ape board with full voting rights
on all matters related.
The way the equity provider vaults will be handled are as follows,
Every investor who decides to go this route will be rewarded for their trust in us as
a company.


Bronze- $3,000-$5,000 invested earns you a 10% bonus
Silver- $5,000-$10,000 invested earns you a 15% bonus
Gold- $10,000-$20,000 invested earns you a 20% bonus
Platinum- $20,000-$50,0000 invested earns you a 30% bonus

All OTC providers will be given the corresponding NFT for the tier they invest in.
Once an OTC deal is done all tokens including bonus tokens will go into the equity
provider vault and be locked for 6 months.
The difference between having your tokens in our custom vaults rather than in a
traditional locker is that your BUSD rewards will be automatically airdropped to your
wallet of choice weekly.
All OTC providers are entitled to all pool reward payouts as well.
Funds collected from OTC deals,
All the funds that are collected from OTC deals will be used in three ways.

Jimmy decides to become a silver equity provider and decides to invest $7,500.
10% ($750) will be added to the community LP pools for redistribution.
5% ($375) will be used for marketing expenses in which the board will vote on.
85% ($6,375) will be used to buy Alpha Ape Network tokens at full retail price and
burn them after purchase.

Please reach out to if you are interested in becoming an
Alpha Ape equity provider.